The PPP Central Department offers advisory services relating to virtually all phases of the public-private partnership life-cycle.  We take an integrated, holistic view of PPP and work with institutions to ensure successful and sustainable PPP initiatives which provide the best value for money.

The following is a representative list of some of the Partnerships Kosovo services:

Policy and Planning Phase:

  • Legal and regulatory framework strengthening
  • Institutional development and capacity building
  • Creating standardized practices and toolkits
  • Development of procedures and tools for project analysis
  • Policy development
  • Preparation of pilot projects / project pipeline
  • Strategic planning for PPP Initiative
  • Marketing / public relations
  • PPP program management

Transaction Phase:

  • Assessing financing and implementation options for PPP project candidates
  • Financial modeling for value-for-money, public vs. private and transaction design decisions
  • Legal and institutional environment due diligence
  • PPP transaction and procurement management
  • Design of project oversight and governance structure

Partnership / Implementation Phase:

  • Transition assistance
  • Contract oversight and monitoring
  • Development of contract governance models
  • Contract management assistance
  • PPP project and program assessment
  • Capacity building and training
  • Benchmarking best practices

Partnerships Kosovo is committed to working with public institutions to honestly assess all financing and implementation options.