Kosovo is officially accepted as a member of EPEC

Since November 19, 2012 the Republic of Kosovo through the Central Department for Public Private Partnership (PPP), besides MF, is officially recognized as a member with full rights in the European Centre for Expertise in Public Private Partnerships (EPEC)

EPEC was established by the European Union Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission on September 16, 2008. The main purpose of this center is to build organizational capacities in the public sector in order to facilitate the work of the Departments of PPP in the implementation of projects of this nature. So far, EPEC has 37 members, including the EIB and the European Commission. All other members are different central authorities responsible for the PPP in the respective states. Membership is restricted to public authorities PPP in EU member states, candidate countries and other countries of Europe.

As a full member of the Central Department PP could contribute to EPEC working groups, and cooperate more closely with other members states which have experience in PPP for more than 30 years in various sectors of public service delivery and infrastructure through private sector.

Acceptance of the Central Department for PPP in EPEC is the result of the progress made by the Republic of Kosovo in the development of the legal and institutional framework Public Private Partnership, which is in accordance with the standards and policies of the EU public procurement.


Main activities of EPEC include  


·         Collaborative work

Through working groups of members of the EPEC best practices are indentified in PPP and then distributed to the members in order to facilitate the implementation of PPP policies and programs;

·         Helpdesk

Through which members can send questions and get quick answers;

·         Institutional strengthening

Support to the establishment of policies and programs in the field of PPP. EPEC is currently working with members to improve their PPP structures and active engagement within the EPEC in the future;  

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