PPP Central Department held two trainings on PPP


Central Department for PPP held two two-day trainings with central level civil officials. Training materials have been prepared in cooperation with the GFSI project, funded by USAID, and project is being implemented in cooperation with the Kosovo Institute for Public Administration (KIPA).

This training aims to address key issues related to PPPs in Kosovo, starting from key concepts, actors and their roles, a description of the phases and procedures set forth by the Law on PPP and guidelines approved by the PPP Committee.

For 2012, in total 2 trainings were organised, the first on 22-23 November and the second on 6-7 December. Participants, in total 44, were civil officials from the central level. Training will continue to be held in 2013, it is planned for 12 such trainings, with participants from central level institutions as well as from the local level institutions, i.e. municipalities.


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