PPP PIA Kick-off meeting

The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, in the follow-up of achieving strategic sectorial objectives, aims the efficient development of the air transport through authentic investments in modernizing and increasing the capac ities of Prishtina International Airport.  

In the settings of this engagement, today was signed the Contract w ith the winner Naco Innova Consortium following the international procurement process for contracting Transaction Advisor to analyze options and implementation of the Public-Private Partnerships for Prishtina International Airport.



The first stage of the contract starts w ith the signing of this contract whereby the Transaction Advisor will present to the Government of Republic of Kosovo a menu of analyzed options following the combination of identified options for technical design w ith financial and legal results. This stage is expected to end as of June of this year when the Inter-ministerial Steering Comm ittee, on the basis of recommendations, will decide which of the options is the most favorable and convenient for Kosovo and for Prishtina International Airport.



Taking into consideration its great importance, this project is managed by the Inter-ministerial Steering Comm ittee which is leaded by the Minister of Transport and Telecommunication Fatmir Limaj, and consists of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Minister of Trade and Industry, Minister of Justice, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, and representative from Prime Minister’s Office. The project is implemented by the Public-Private Partnerships Un it and supported by USAID.

Naco and Innova, in this project, are partners w ith the Wh ite & Case legal company from USA. The team of this Consortium consists of experts and counselors in the field of airports operation, airports design, aviation, regulatory, as well as legal experts and financial investors

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