The first meeting of the Public Private Partnership Committee

The first meeting of the Public Private Partnership Committee was held with the new composition as defined by Government Decision 02/56 dated January 11, 2012.

At this meeting were adopted Rules of Procedure of the PPPC, the work plan for 2012, PPP Directive for publication of notices, and the project "Municipal Waste Management Services in the Municipality of Suhareka" was approved

The project is the second PPP project approved for municipal-level authorities, and the first after the adoption of the new law on PPP. An important role in the preparation of the project has played the USAID project GFSI (Growth and Fiscal Stability Initiative), through professional advising.

The project aims at involving the private sector, through contractual arrangements, in the collection and separation of waste in the municipality of Suhareka in order to improve the current situation of waste management. Specifically, the project consists of the following components:

  • Collection of waste generated in the whole territory of the municipality,
  • Transportation of the waste to the landfill of Prizren,
  • Building and operating a plant for waste selection
  • Increased coverage (according to a pre-determined plan),
  • Separation of waste.

The PPP Committee will continuously offer strong support to municipal projects aimed at improving public infrastructure for the citizens of Republic of Kosovo.



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