The second meeting of the Committee for Public Private Partnership

The second meeting of the Committee for Public Private Partnership was held, chaired by the Minister Hamza. The discussed topics were as follows:

• Annual report on the progress of the Public Private Partnership in PIA "Adem Jashari"

• Audit Report for the PPP-ANP

• Review of the final contract on project "Urban Traffic in Peja municipality"

• Annulment of the Process of Small Hydropower Plants

• Clarification on the Law on PPPs, reference to the Law on Public Procurement

• Cooperation Agreement between the Department of the PPP and the PPP Agency of the Republic of Croatia

During the meeting two decisions were taken:

• Approval of final contract for the project "Urban Traffic in Peja municipality"

• Cancellation of Small Hydro Power process

Project  of Peja Municipality represents the first municipal-level PPP project which has reached the stage of the final contract approval. On this occasion, Minister Hamza said "we consider that such projects are in favor of municipalities, and we encourage other municipalities that if they have projects which are feasible, to be implemented by PPP, in order to ease burden of the public finance "

The PPP project will grant a concession for 10 years to provide public bus service on four key routes, build new bus stops and develop modern ticketing and information systems. The project will help Peja Municipality implement an urban transportation strategy to connect key neighborhoods of the city via a modern bus transport system, providing essential mobility for its citizens. Municipality of Peja, during project preparation, feasibility study and the accompanying documentation, was supported by the USAID project, GFSI.

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